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Interactive Audiovisual Installation



Oscilla is an audio-visual installation that allows the audience to explore sound, harmony, and patterns in a machine-human duet. The audience is encouraged by the visual feedback from the waveform and the audio feedback from the ring-modulation filter to probe the possibilities of the system and the possibilities of their own voice. When one first approaches Oscilla, it is silent and still, but it springs to life visually and sonically when one makes sound into the microphone. With more experimenting, the audience can deduce certain patterns hidden in the algorithm of the visual pattern and gain control over them. A narrative emerges from the audience’s experience of discovery and self-discovery. Oscilla is a collaborative project with Xindi Kang.


to (Ongoing)

Rodney DuPlessis and Xindi Kang
The Museum of Sensory and Movement Experiences
in Santa Barbara, CA, USA