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BachFlip is a sort of proof of concept of my Spectral Compression and Spectral Spatialization techniques, both of which are in ongoing development. In Spectral Compression, the 16 most prominent partials of a given sound are pulled toward a dynamic centre frequency, effectively squeezing the spectrum. A striking effect occurs when the degree of compression exceeds 100% wherein the spectrum is flipped around the centre frequency. With Spectral Spatialization, the spectrum of a sound is split and sent to different points in space. In this piece, the Dona Nobis Pacem of Bach’s B Minor Mass is analyzed and resynthesized with sine oscillators. The spectrum is then manipulated using the aforementioned techniques. This piece was realized using Max/MSP, but I am currently developing software to implement these techniques in a standalone synthesizer.

The form of the piece follows the form of the Dona Nobis Pacem, with spatialized groups of partials representing SATB parts entering in canon around the room, and compression effects coinciding with imitative entrances. In this way, Bach is heard as if through a prism that bends sound rather than light.


Rodney DuPlessis
International Computer Music Conference 2018 (Daegu Concert House Grand Hall)
in Daegu, Republic of Korea

Rodney DuPlessis
Bach, New Music, and Cookies (Geiringer Hall)
in Santa Barbara, CA, USA