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Sound can be visualized in a number of ways. It can be expressed in the time-domain, as a function of its amplitude over time, or in the frequency-domain as a function of its frequency and phase content. These forms of representation are typically used as analytical tools in the context of scientific inquiry. Oscilla is an audio-visual installation that allows the audience to interact with a waveform with their own voice through a microphone, and experience both the acoustic and visual results. The audience is encouraged by the visual feedback from the waveform and the audio feedback from the ring-modulation filter to produce more interesting results with their voice. With more experimenting, the audience can deduce certain patterns hidden in the algorithm of the visual pattern and gain control over them. Oscilla is a collaborative project with Xindi Kang.


2020-10-17 (Ongoing)
Rodney DuPlessis and Xindi Kang
The Museum of Sensory and Movement Experiences
in Santa Barbara, CA