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De Rerum Natura

2-Channel Fixed Media



De Rerum Natura is inspired by the concept of ""naturalness"" in physics, which presents a conflict between truth and beauty. In physics, the most natural theories ought to have dimensionless ratios of order 1 and ought not to have fine-tuned parameters. The tension between this widely applied concept on the one hand, and the promise of science to shed all bias in pursuit of truth on the other, guided my meditation within the soundscape of this piece. The sound material was recorded by the composer in Australia (Alpine National Park), Paris, Siena, and California. Composed at Musiques & Recherches in Belgium and at CREATE in California (2019-2020). The blending and processing of sounds reflects the tension between nature and naturalness; the way things are and the way we want them to be.

Awards & Recognition:

Finalist – SEAMUS/ASCAP Award 2020 (under the name ""Dimensionless"")
Finalist - SIMEC Electroacoustic Music Competition 2020
Honorable Mention - Destellos International Electroacoustic Competition 2020