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Certain mixtures of polyelectrolytes can spontaneously form dense liquid droplets (called coacervates) suspended in water (dilute phase). These liquid droplets are often filled with complex molecules, proteins, polymers, and nucleic acids. Coacervate formation has been suggested as a possible mechanism through which the first simple cells formed on earth (Abiogenesis). In composing Coacervate, I worked closely with violinist and chemical engineer Chelsea Edwards to create a sonic narrative from this chemistry. Distinct musical motives are inserted into dilute textures where they compartmentalize, chain together like charged polymers, and erupt into the beginnings of life.

Awards & Recognition:

1st Prize - Dorothy and Sherrill C. Corwin Awards 2021


Chelsea Edwards
SEAMUS 2021 National Conference (Online)

Chelsea Edwards
ECM Concert (Online)

Sample of Score

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